The EPIC Path...

Epic Footprint is an All Styles Urban Dance Company.  Epic Footprint was founded by Bay Area Urban Choreographer, Vid Cotarta.


Dance Mode Studio and Epic Footprint are collaborating to bring you "The EPIC Path".  Read below for details on how you or your dancer can be a part of Epic Footprint and Leave Your Mark.

What is The EPIC Path?

Epic Footprint is an All Styles Urban Dance Company.  The Members of Epic Footprint have earned their membership through hard work and dedication.  There are 3 levels to the EPIC Path in the following order; Epic Footprint dancer, Epic Footprint Member and Epic Footprint Choreographer. 

Epic Footprint dancer: Once an Epic Footprint dancer, you may be invited to audition to perform with Epic FootprintMembers at public events.

Epic Footprint Member: Regular members are always invited to perform any public event.

Epic Footprint Choreographer: Same as a member, but with the added benefit of running company classes and helping choreograph Epic Footprint routines.

How can I walk The EPIC Path?

Any dancer can start their EPIC Path, of joining EPIC Company class, becoming an Epic Footprint dancer and eventually working to become an Epic Footprint Member. Find your age group below to see how to start your journey down the EPIC Path...

18 and Over

All adult dancers are invited to join Epic Company Class. Epic Footprint membership is earned through hard work, time and dedication in the Epic Company class.


Recommended: 1 urban class at DMS

Under 18

Any dancer who is under 18 years old are welcome to join Epic Company classes as long as they are a member of a DMS Production Group.  This is how a dancer starts on the Epic Path to becoming an Epic Footprint Dancer.


Mandatory: A DMS Production Group Member

Advanced Under 18

We define an Advanced Under 18 as a dancer who is under 18 years old, but has peformed with an Advanced DMS production group for at least 3 years.  These dancers are invited to take Epic Company classes to begin their Epic Path to become an Epic Footprint member.


Mandatory: 1 urban class at DMS

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