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Class Notes


Little Dancer classes are designed for dancers ages 3-5 years old.

Dancer must be Potty Trained and ready to take the class away from Mom or Dad.

During the first class, we understand your dancer may get upset due to new surroundings. To keep this an enjoyable experience we ask parents to stay nearby in the waiting area until your dancer is comfortable.



Observers are not allowed inside the dance rooms in order to keep the dancers' attention with the teacher during class time. This also is for the comfort level of some of the shy dancers who may not be ready yet for an audience.

We do have Parent Observation Days the last week of the month on the following months:


October, December, February, April


Parent Observation Days  are designed so you can see your child's progress throughout the dance season, and it helps your dancer get used to the idea of an audience in case he or she is participating in the June show. We do ask Parents to please observe the following guidelines while in the dance rooms for  Observation Week:


  • Remove Street Shoes
  • No Talking or Cell Phone use
  • No Food, Drink or Gum
  • Refrain from correcting your dancer to allow the teacher to remain in charge of the class.


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