Class Policies

Adding a class

You may add a class at any time during the open enrollment period from your online DMS account. Simply log in to your account, choose "Add a Class" for your dancer and select a class. Your account will be adjusted automatically for the added class and any prorates that apply. If a class is added online after attending the class, the office will adjust your account for the class attended.

There is a 1 month minimum tuition. Dance Mode Studio will make an exception to this rule as follows…
When dropping a class before a new season begins:

    Drop day of registration   Full Refund*
    Drop on or before 9/2   75% Refunded*
    Drop on or before 9/7   50% Refunded*
    Drop after 9/7   No Refund – enrolled through September
  (classes may be attended)*
  *Registration fee is always non-refundable


Dropping a class

  • Drops are ONLY accepted through our online 30-Day Notice form
  • Once the drop is received, you will be contacted by Dance Mode Studio with confirmation.
  • Dance Mode Studio will not accept a verbal notice through a 3rd party (other parent, dancer friend or the teacher). If a dancer stops coming to class, they will NOT automatically get dropped. 
  • You will continue to be responsible for tuition for the following four (4) weeks of classes, equaling one (1) month of tuition from the date of the drop request. During this 4 week period, the dancer is still considered enrolled in the class and may attend. 
  • Full payment for any costumes and/or supplies ordered on the behalf of the dancer, regardless of drop date.
  • We understand there will be times when personal schedules change or your dancer feels this class is not the right fit. We feel everyone should have the opportunity to dance and enjoy their experience, so we make every effort to transfer dancers to a class more suitable to their schedule or preference as long as it fits their level.
  • If transferring classes (dropping 1 class and adding 1 class), the 30-day notice policy is waived.


If you attempt to register for a closed (full) class, you will be asked to join the class waitlist. We do our best to get all students into class, so we handle the waitlists as follows...

  1. We may extend the maximum enrollment for the class, if we feel it is possible.
  2. We may open another, similar class, if we feel there is enough to meet minimum enrollment.
  3. Some dancers may drop or transfer within the first couple weeks of the season and waitlist students will be placed into the class.


If you do choose to join the waitlist, please do not attend the class until you are notified that you have been placed on the class roster.


We are not able to HOLD a spot in a class if your dancer is unable to start in the class right away. The only way to protect your dancer's spot in a class is you must register them and pay tuition as though they are in the class. During this time the office should be notified of the situation. This way we can communicate what the level of difficulty will be to catch up with the class upon your dancer's return.

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